Revised for 2017 Golf Season
   The name of this organization shall be known as "North Carolina Deaf Golfers
Association" (NCDGA). This association shall be a non-profit organization.
The objectives of this organization are: to sponsor monthly golf tournaments, to promote
mutual interests of its membership, and to provide the membership the opportunity for
socialization and entertainment.
3.1     Membership in this association is open to all deaf men and women. It also
shall be open to any hearing golfer with close ties to the Deaf community.
Hearing golfers are not allowed to collect monetary prizes of any kind
during the season tournaments. All members and guests shall accept the
policies set forth in the By-Laws of NCDGA.
3.2     The minimum age is eighteen (18) years old.
3.3     The membership dues are twenty-five ($25.00) for the current year
and thus not prorated. Membership shall run from the time it is paid until
the last day of the current year.
3.4     Non-member may attend the business meeting after paying one-dollar
($1.00). He/She shall have no voice in the meeting.
3.5     Out of state members are welcome to join the NCDGA and play in
tournaments however he/she cannot hold office, host a tournament, or be
 on a committee.
A golf season is a period of time in which the NCDGA sanctions at least seven (7)
monthly tournaments and the NCDGA Championship. The time period is from March to November.
5.1     The executive committee shall consist of officers (President, Vice-
President, Secretary and Treasurer), Webmaster, and three (3) Trustees.
5.2     Only Deaf North Carolina resident member in good standing and whom
has been a member of NCDGA for at least three (3) years in eligible to
serve on the executive committee.
5.3     Nominations and elections for officeers shall be held at the annual meeting
every four years beginning in 2011. And the officers shall be nominated
and elected onto executive committee by the majority vote.
5.4     The term for the members on the executive committee is for four (4) years.
6.1     The President shall preside at all meetings; enforce order and strict
observance of the By-Laws. He/She shall appoint three (3) trustees for a
four-year term with an approval from the majority of the members at the
time of the elections.
6.2     The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the
president, ascent to the presidency shall it become vacant prior to the
elections. He/she shall be in charge of the By/Laws committee and appoint
three (3) members to the committee. At the tournaments, he/she shall
supervise and give approval to the final standings set forth by the host(s).
6.3     The Secretary shall maintain and update the list of members and their
mailing and /or e-mail addresses, draw up the minutes after each meeting
and make copies for the membership, keep records of all minutes, keep
records of all monthly tournaments' results and update the points standing,
and maintain the handicap system. At the tournaments, he/she shall collect
all signed scorecards, betting results and contest results. Also, the
secretary shall retain all scorecards and final standings for record keeping.
The secretary shall type up and e-mail with files attached of the
tournament results, updated points standing and the flyer of the upcoming
tournament to the webmaster to post on the website immediately after
each outing and shall mail these information to members that don't have e-mail.
6.4      The Treasurer shall maintain and update the quarterly financial reports,
collect dues, and keep track of receipts and expenditures in a ledger. At
the tournaments, he/she shall collect all fees and surcharges from the host
and/or dues from the new member(s) and give fifteen-dollars ($15.00) to
each host committee for NCDGA's Closest to Pin. Treasurer shall make a
financial report, approved by trustees, to the members at the business
meeting: at the July tournament, and at the October tournament.
6.5      Trustees are appointed by the president. The Trustees shall audit and
examine the quarterly financial reports from the treasurer right before
every meeting, and sign the reports with approval. Trustees shall not serve
more than two terms consecutively.
6.6      If a member wants to run for a NCDGA office but could not attend the
business meeting, he/she shall can write or e-mail his/her inteest in the office
before the meeting begins.
6.7      Executive committee has the authority to be in charge of the monthly golf
tournament' activities if host(s) is not able to run the event.
7.1      Thee shall be one (1) business meeting every year in the month of
February or March.
7.2      Members shall be notified of the business meeting by mail and/or e-mail
at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the business meeting.
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