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NCDGA 2017 Minute Report
Stepen Woodward called the meeting to order at 9:03 am at Jamestown Golf Club snack room. There are 18 NCDGA golfers present at the meeting.

There was a moment of silence.

The 2016 NCDGA Minute Report is accepted as read. No one has opposed. (PASSED)

President's report -- Stephen Woodward kept this short and sweet, He hopes we have a wonderful year and looking forward to seeing more members join our club.

Vice President's report -- Leon Barnwell introduced Erie Slater to our group. He was from California. He also
welcome Tony Ratcliff back to NCDGA. The last time Tony played with us was in 1998. Leon joking that Tony Ratcliff left because he was tired of getting beat on the golf course. Leon once again welcome another former
member back to our group again and his name is Lynn Emmett. Keith Cook decided to be an assoicate member. Leon announced that Harold Deuel say a big hello to all of us and hope we have a great year.

Secretary's report- Chris McMahan mentioned that he is looking forward to seeing old members coming back to NCDGA to have more members. Chris is excited to see old members and new members to play in our group.

Treasurer's report- Everette patterson announced that there was an issue about Mark Hedrick membership fee. if he will play with us this year, the money that Mark Hedrick won will be used for 2017 membership fee. If he does not play this year, his money will be returned to Mark.

Trustee's report- Robert Ritch, Charles Dawkins, and Larry Holloway audited the treasure report. It was accepted and passed.

Committee report

Robert Ritch (SEDGA 2019 Chairperson) said that we earned some money from New Year Eve's party. Each person who bought ticket and mentioned NCDGA......NCDGA will get $5 from each ticket. Robert Ritch also had NCAA football pool and it was successful. It earned $250 for fundraising.

He also announced that the date will probably be going on last week of June.

There was some discussion about where SEDGA money should be in which account.

November Myrtle Beach trip resort

Chris McMahan is going to be a group leader for this and asked the members where they would like to play. He suggested MB West or South Creek Golf course and Wild Wing Avocet.

Wayne foforth suggested Pinehurst.

Tony ratcliff suggested Myrtle Beach.

Chris McMahan informed the group that we will see big changes about the golf rules by 2019 and suggested that we use some this year and next year to see if it help us.

By-law report

Charles Dawking propose that we bring the numbers of having individual/Captain Choice format to 4/4 from 5/3. Robert Ritch seconded. (PASSED)

Tim Hickman propose that we have five Captain Choice and three individual tournaments. Lynn Emmett seconded. (FAILED)

Robert Ritch wants to have our members to be happy to have choice picking which one they want to go to and make sure we all work together to satisfy the members.

Darrell Moore did show some concern about changing this format since he did not want to be forced to host Captain Choice at his tournament. We discuss this and we all agree to work it out before we host the tournaments.
Darrell Moore also discuss about the distance (playing in farther eastern part of state such as Durham and Raleigh)

Robert Ritch close the discussion.

Tony Goodson propose that we raise membership for out of state residents to $50 while NC Residents pay only $25. He explained that NC fishing and hunting license is like that. After some discussion, Tony Goodson decided to withdraw his proposal.

Robert ritch explained that this increase of money will help each day purses. He also said that $10 for each day is too low and will hurt the captain choice format tournament dramatically.

Unfinished business

Robert Ritch brought back the proposal about NCDGA paying the host for NCDGA Pin. He suggessted that we should reduch the fifteen dollars to ten dollars for NCDGA Pin for April to October tournaments. In March tournament, it shall be $15 or $16 pending on the number of golfers per team. (PASSED)

New Business

Stephen Woodward discuss about the Southern Classic. This is a "Ryder Cup format" between three states as of now. It involves GA, SC and Alabama. He suggested that we could get involved and have a lot of fun. It will be played in July 2017. It is too late to get involve this year but can try for 2018.

Darrell Moore propose that we dicide which format to have in Myrtle Beach NCDGA Championship now intead of waiting to October. Lynn Emmett seconded.

Captain Choice on friday and Individual on Saturday.

Tony Moore that we have most members here today and we should be able to decide now. Robert Ritch agree to that statement.

Charles Dawkins closed the discussion.

Tony Moore wants to know about the Hall of Fame. We told him that we took it off the by law last year. He did not know about it.

Wayne Goforth suggested that we should have cookout during the year to raise money for SEDGA fund.


Monthly Tournaments

March--Captain Choice at Jamestown Golf Club
April--Jamie Moore--Oak Hill Golf Course at Eden, NC
May--Robert Ritch--Hemlock Golf Course at Walnut Cove, NC
June--Chris McMahan--Country Hill Golf Club at McLeansville, NC
July--Leon Barnwell--???
August--Everette Patterson--???
Sept.--Darrell Moore--???
October--Dick McCoy--??? Captain Choice

Robert Ritch and Chris McMahan have discussed about SEDGA Tournament at Frederick, MD and it will be at Clustered Spires Golf Club. It is very playable, and the hotel headquarter will be at Hampton Inn.

The meeting is adjourned at 10:32 A.M.

Secratary, Chris McMahan